Monday, May 24, 2010

Flash Forward to no "Flash Forward"

ABC's "Flash Forward" is supposedly being cancelled after one season. Having invested hours of time watching this compelling sci-fi drama and following the twists and turns of its intricate plot, I am left wondering why we bother watching new television series on network TV if these programs are never given a chance to develop an audience (such as ABC putting "Flash Forward" on hiatus for three months). According to the network, the show received poor ratings. Yet, there is a big online following, such as on the fan page of Facebook and on the official ABC site. Maybe the Nielsen system needs to be disbanded? Networks can instead get input from the show's dedicated fans via online social networking sites and the like.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Walking in Circles

Some days all I feel like I have been doing is walking in circles: in tackling my daily chores at home, my assignments at work, my plans for the future, my path in life. I even walk in circles when it comes to writing. My blog is an obvious example, having not written an entry in months. Same goes for my print journal. Yet, it's not that I haven't written at all: I've tweeted (Follow me on Twitter @literarylattes), I've updated my status on Facebook, I've met my deadlines for my Library Journal book reviews, and I'm writing publicity for the events we are planning at my library. I've even achieved a major writing goal: I'm getting a chapter published in a forthcoming book (one with "real" editors and a reputable publisher, too). Stay "tuned" for more exciting details!

For the past few months, though, one area of my life in which I am trying to not walk in circles is my quest for the elusive "Ideal Body Weight." (See "Healthy Weight Chart"). One of the tools I'm using on my journey is, in fact, writing. I'm keeping a Food Journal to track my thoughts, feelings, what I eat and drink each day, and how much physical activity I do. It's hard work, this journal. It's time-consuming, it's emotional, it's eye-opening, but ultimately, it's a writing-related activity that is very much worth my time, my facing my emotions, my achieving awareness of how I treat and care for my body.

We are starting a 12-week health challenge at work, so I've joined up for extra motivation. I am growing my circle of support among my friends and co-workers, one of whom has started her own weight-loss blog (See Yvette Morales' inspirational Seriously Seeking Skinny).

I'm even finding snippets of humor to help me "get over myself" and just enjoy my journey:

"Of course, this is what writers do when they're not writing, they walk in circles around food an decide whether or not to eat, as if taking a bite will somehow make a bit of dialogue work or help create a missing scene (it never does). This is why the Weight Watchers meetings at Fourteenth Street and Ninth Avenue are packed with women writers, including Kit, who has reached her goal weight twice in the last year. Eating and writing are the husband and wife of creativity." --from the delightful novel Lucia, Lucia by Adriana Trigiani.

The best advice I can share from all this is to just stop walking in circles. You never know what you may achieve if you don't.