Saturday, August 30, 2008

Obama Nation--Yes We Are!

80,000 people at Mile High Stadium and 35 million television viewers witnessed history Thursday night as Senator Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech during the Democratic National Convention, a speech made all the more poignant being that it was the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King" iconic "I Have a Dream" speech. Reports the next day indicated that more people watched Obama's groundbreaking speech than did the opening ceremony of the Olympics or the season finale of American Idol. That's a phenomenal achievement in the face of the so-called apathy of our reality-tv-viewing nation. Senator Obama has become a symbol of our hopes and dreams for so many in our country who have been left behind by the self-serving Bush-Cheney franchise.

Seeing history in the making Thursday night could be the ultimate in reality tv. Seeing that men and women of all ethnic backgrounds, religions, and persuasions could come together to show their love of country and concern for our collective future is as inspiring as Obama's speech. Now we all just have to follow through on the promise of that day. Now we all have to make our voices heard by voting on November 4.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Biden and Bagels

On Saturday, we finally found out who Senator Barack Obama's running mate will be: Delaware Senator Joe Biden. I never knew too much about his personal life, but I did like what he had to say during the primary debates. With his solid record of supporting women's rights and the environment, and his long-term leadership with foreign policy, he should make a great vice president.

Senator Biden also seems like a genuinely nice guy who cares about his friends and family and the people he has served. An example of this could be seen last Friday when journalists were "staking out" his home (his only house) in Delaware, hoping that he'd drop a hint as to whether or not he has been chosen for the VP job. Instead of feeling harassed by these journalists (or shouting "No comment!" to the press like they do on "Law & Order", the senator was congenial to them and even brought them coffee and bagels! (It looked like he went to Einstein Bagels, but I couldn't make out the logo on the boxes). Like a good host, he served his guests (albeit uninvited) a treat. Coffee and bagels! Now that shows class!